wedding-bridesmaid-gifts Here comes the day when you, in anticipation of the wedding, are planning the celebration and determining its major participants. The most major parties are of course the bride and groom themselves. But at the wedding, there are many actors who perform each his own roles.

Today we’ll talk about the bridesmaid. Bridesmaid is an honorable and very responsible position; she is your closest friend, a person whom you trust and respect. Throughout the wedding, she will take care of you, to free the hands of a young couple. That is why, among other things that you need to do, you must not forget to thank your bridesmaid. How can you do that?bridesmaid-gift-ideas

The most simple and memorable for whole life option is to make a wedding bridesmaid gift. Particularly gratifying for her will be a personalized bridesmaid gift that will mean that you tried for her and respect her efforts in wedding ceremony. This can be anything; it all depends on your ideas and imagination- from jewelry to chocolate and perfume. To help you with bridesmaid gift ideas there is the most popular and trusted online service on the choice of wedding gifts.

personalized-bridesmaid-giftsIn a special section, you can find gifts for all your wedding ceremony participants, including bridesmaid, groomsman and other guests.The most remarkable and exciting is the fact that personalization for the majority of gifts is free, which means that you will easily be able to express your personal respect and perpetuate your celebration with the help of a small gift!
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wedding-rings3When choosing the rings you should remember that they never made out of pure precious metals. In fact, the ring, which is considered to be gold or platinum, are made of alloys of several metals to improve strength and durability of products. The soft plastic and the gold is not suitable for the creation of jewelry, so it connects with silver, copper, nickel, zinc, or palladium. Silver and platinum are usually connected with copper. Determine how many gold, platinum and silver in an alloy can be in the sample. The sample - a special stamp from the plant, make jewelry, which is on the inside of the ring and said about the percentage of noble metal in the alloy. Typically, this content is expressed in thousands of units of weight alloy, but in some countries, such as America and Britain, using carat system with pure metal without impurities take over 24 carats. The highest gold sample is considered to be 958-I. Also, there are articles 750, 583, 500 and 375 samples. The most common are the rings of white or yellow gold 585 samples. They are a gold alloy of 58.5% and 41.5% other metals and are characterized by strength, bright color and rich luster. Wedding rings may be formed from silver, but this metal is very soft and fragile.


wedding-shoes5Little girls love to fantasize about a wedding dress. Even their future bridegroom seen some vague figure inevitable decorations and dress - in all the details. Fatah and the tiara, bridal bouquet, too, took an honorable second place in a maiden dreams. But the shoes - no, they do not mention: “They are not being seen!”
While it is unfortunate choice shoes often are the cause of bitter tears of the bride, the first injury and is not a flying gait.
So, the shoes must meet two main requirements - they must be beautiful and comfortable!
If you are not a problem go the whole day at the pins - you can choose the most elegant and sublime shoes. However, it is better to avoid open shoes cause there is a probability that they will rubthe feet in the most inopportune moment. And after all- where your groom will pour the champagne?
If you’re in a long dress, high heels are optional. Moreover: in ordinary simple shoes you’ll be much more graceful looking.


wedding-dresses Luxurious dress - the color of the first snow, shining beads and dazzling embroidery, imponderable cloud veils, delicate bouquet of flowers … Fairy tale dream of a girl from childhood - at least for one day to become from a Cinderella into a beautiful princess of the midnight dreams. Wedding day - the only chance for most of us fulfill this dream.
Since ancient times brides have made every effort and skill to sew the most beautiful, the most dazzling dresses. Wedding dress has a symbolic meaning, combining a centuries  of the accumulated traditions and ceremonies, it is real a bridge between generations. And while the image of the bride is closely linked with the culture of a particular people, its beliefs and marital happiness, one thing remains constant for all peoples and religions in all times - the bride should be the most beautiful, happy and well-being emitted.